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50 lbs Med/Lrg Dry Reef Base Rock, Lightweight, Porous, Great for Aquariums Live

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Rockquatics providing reef safe eco friendly aquarium rocks since 2007 and back on Ebay. Previously sold over 50,000 lbs with 99.99% customer satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with our base rock we will give you a complete refund. Please email us with any questions.

Medium to Large Sized Rocks 6-12 inches rocks. Usually 6-10 pieces.

Each box comes with a variety of sizes ideal for a the base of live rocks that you are using or for a smaller reef aquarium.

Calcium Carbonate base rock taken from an above ground coral reef in Texas. The rock is lightweight and has great grows coralline algae and other beneficial bacteria very well. (The last two pictures are of coralline coverage after 1 year... You can't distinguish the dry base rock from the Fiji Live rock anymore!!!)

Save on Shipping for multiple orders or if you are looking for larger rocks see or other listings.

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This base rock has been power washed, scrubbed and cleaned. At this stage, it has been tested and found void of contaminates and should be ready to go into your aquarium after a quick rise after shipping. Minor terrestrial microfauna may still be attached which will not adversely affect you aquarium. Simply rinse and arrange the rock into an aesthetically appealing formation and you will have done your part.  To seed you can use rock rubble or live rock from a local aquarium store or bought online. Good water conditions, frequent water changes, and nature will do the rest.

This base rock is composed of namely skeletal carbonate (i.e. ground coral and its skeleton) that comes from a Cretaceous Reef in Central Texas and has been above ground for more than 65 million years. In the Cretaceous Period the shallow warm water reef spread over 400 hundred miles and hosted a variety of Marine life similar to the life expected...

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