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LIVE! TRINIDADIAN YELLOW SPOTTED STINGRAY marine saltwater fish aquarium coral

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    Trinidadian Yellow Spotted Stingray

Trinidadian Yellow-Spotted Stingray (Urobatis ja.) - Approx. 6 inches
Exotic and Rare
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The Trinidadian Yellow-Spotted Stingray originates in the coastal waters of Trinidad and a few surrounding islands.  It is considered a rare sub-species to the Yellow-Spotted Stingray with its primary distinction being a more varied and distinctive coloration and marking patterns.
Of note, it has highly distinctive coloration and marking patterns which may vary from dark-on-light to light-on-dark, where the body may be a creamy ivory tone with golden and darker markings or a darker body with lighter yellow and golden markings.  In addition, the Trinidadian Yellow-Spotted Stingray can rapidly change its tonalities and coloration depending on its environment and to improve its camouflage capabilities.  The underside is a soft, creamy white.
The Trinidadian Yellow-Spotted Stingray is hearty and active, enjoying both a sandy bottom while also swimming throughout the tank.  They are fascinating to observe, particularly with their highly fluid swimming motions which appear effortless.
This is an exceptionally rare opportunity and a remarkable addition to the marine enthusiast's aquarium.  

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