Suckermouth Catfish

Live Rare Freshwater Fish - 2" King Tiger Pleco (L-066) - Suckermouth Catfish

Jul 19, 07:52 PDT
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Latin Name: Hypancistrus sp. (L66)
Adult full size: 5”
Minimum Tank Size: 40 gallon
Water Parameters: pH 6.4-7.4
Safe for Planted Tanks: No
Foods: Bloodworms, Shrimp pellets, sinking carnivore pellets and wafers.

This is a beautiful variety of what are called ‘Fancy Pleco-s’. It originates from whitewater sections of the Rio Xingu near the town of Belo Monte (Brazil). Their max size and peaceful nature makes them a popular addition to peaceful-community aquariums. Good (oxygen-rich) waterflow and driftwood are a must, while a pebbly substrate and rocky hiding places are highly recommended (to recreate the bottom of a flowing river). King Tigers are considered peaceful community fish, but like most fancy plecos, they can be territorial and aggressive towards conspecifics & other bottom dwellers. Avoid mixing with other pleco-s unless tank is big enough to establish separate territories (at least 1.5 square foot per pleco, with decorations as dividers). It is more of a carnivore than a herbivore, so be sure to feed a mix of meaty and veggie-based foods; it is a nocturnal feeder, so feed as late as you can.

We recommend using a drip line to acclimate this fish. Click here to buy!

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