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Air Driven Bio Corner Filter Sponge 20 Gallon Aquarium Fish Tank w/ Accessories

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    Box Filter
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    All Water Types
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    20 gal.
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This filter is excellent for small size fish like dwarf cichlid, guppy, killifish, shrimp etc., or for hatcheries, maternity, nano tanks, and fry tanks, as the filter produces minimal current and has almost no way to suck the fish through the filter.  Also, the air infusion chamber produces minute bubbles which increase the oxygen solubility.

Simply install an airline into the unit and provide both aeration and physical filtration combining with biochemical filtration for your fish. They are especially useful for breeding small fishes.

Reduces noise from air pump and consumes lowest wattage

Multi-layers easy to clean and operate


Tank Size

4.25"(L) x 3"(W) x3.25" to 6" (H)

Up to 20 gallon


One Filter


(1) 4ft air line tubing

(4) Suction cups

(2) 1”Air stones

(1) Flow control valve

(1) Tee

(1) Non-Return Check Valve

How Does It Work?

This filter uses bubbles of air from an external air pump, or an integral water pump to draw water through filter. As water is drawn out through the lift tube or pump, it is replaced by water entering the filter.

The top layer of white filter pad provides a mechanical filtration.  The black bio-sponge in the 2nd layer and ceramic rings with gravel provides biochemical filtration. They support the colonization of bacteria. The bacteria help to break down harmful waste (ammonia and nitrite).

What Maintenance Does It Require?

The sponge will need to be rinsed every time it becomes dirty, about once every 2 to 4 weeks. It’s helpful to reserve the beneficial...

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