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LED Aquarium Light Bar BLUE HEAVY ReefBar Pro 3W LEDs Bridgelux Salt Water Reef

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Oct 13, 02:37 PDT
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    Salt Water, Reef, Freshwater, Cichlid...
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    21 LED
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    240 gallon
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    Blue Heavy ReefBar Pro
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SUNSETTER NOW AVAILABLE - This will run both channels of your ReefBar Pro with Sunset, Sunrise, thunderstorms, moonlight, and everything else you can think of. Just plug in, use the preset timers or customize a timer and everything will just run on its own.  Choose in the drop down and you will get 2 sunsetters and 2 power supplies so you can run your whole system.

The ReefBar Pro is our Newest addition to affordable reef and freshwater LED Lighting!

This listing is for the BLUE HEAVY ReefBar Pro with 3W Bridgelux LEDs. The LEDs are in the following layout:

10in-  4x 445nm actinic blue, 2x 465nm Aqua Blue, 1x 423nm UV, 3x 12,000K White

19in- 9x 445nm actinic blue, 3x 465nm Aqua Blue, 2x 423nm UV, 4x 12,000K White

24in-  12x 445nm actinic blue, 4x 465nm Aqua Blue, 3x 423nm UV, 5x 12,000K White

30in- 15x 445nm actinic blue, 5x 465nm Aqua Blue, 3x 423nm UV, 7x 12,000K White

36in-  18x 445nm actinic blue, 5x 465nm Aqua Blue, 4x 423nm UV, 8x 12,000K White

44in- 21x 445nm actinic blue, 6x 465nm Aqua Blue, 5x 423nm UV, 10x 12,000K White

68in-  33x 445nm actinic blue, 10x 465nm Aqua Blue, 7x 423nm UV, 15x 12,000K White

12000k slightly bluish white

423 nm UV Purple just at one peak of Chlorophyll A

445 nm Royal Blue at the happy medium of Chlorophyll A and B

465 nm Light Aqua Blue just at one peak of Chlorophyll B

10in- 10x 3W LEDs (no lens for best spread) Brackets go from 10.5in-20in

19in- 18x 3W LEDs 90º Lens (can be removed) Brackets from 19.5in-29.5in

24in-  24x 3W LEDs 90º Lens (can be removed) Brackets from...

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