Marina Style 5 Glass Aquarium Kit - 5 Gallons

MARINA Style 5 Aquarium Kit - Betta Fish

I was really annoyed no one else on youtube did a video on this - so I had to purchase it on a whim.

Marina Style Deluxe 10 Gallon Aquarium Kit unboxing

I set up a new Marina Style Deluxe 10 Gallon Aquarium fish tank for some baby Platys and Molly fish.

Marina 10 Gallon Aquarium Set-Up/ Review

Just received my Marina brand, 10 Gallon aquarium starter kit in the mail and have set it up for you all to see what comes in this particular set.

Marina Style 5 Gallon Aquarium Video #5

The plants have finally arrived.

Unboxing! Marina LED 5 Gallon Aqurium Kit

pretty good kit that comes with most of the things you need especially if you know nothing about starting an aquarium (more importantly the nitrogen cycle).


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