Three Spot Gourami

Species Profile # 1: The Three-Spot Gourami (Trichopodus trichopterus)

A profile and my experiences with the Three-Spot Gourami aka blue, gold, cosby,opaline, brown and platinum or " spotted gourami"

[HD] My female Blue three spot gourami / Blaue Fadenfische-Weibchen [1/1]

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Blue & Gold Gourami: Amazing fish

These fish are very beautiful and entertaining fish.

3 spot gourami

A biotope.

Trichogaster trichopterus - Three Spot Gourami

Trichogaster trichopterus - Three Spot Gourami.

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Bob admires his reflection. Such a handsome fish he is. Too bad he NEVER SITS STILL.
Photo by Furryscaly on Flickr
fish gourami threespotgourami trichopodustrichopterus gouramibleu
Trichopodus trichopterus
Three spot gourami / Gourami bleu
Photo by Joel Carnat on Flickr
17821784 berlin earlyworks earlyworksto1800 engravings fishes germany handcoloring ichthyology pictorialworks subscriptionlistspublishing zoology harvarduniversitymuseumofcomparativezoologyernstmayrlibrary bhl:page=48159587 dc:identifier=httpbiodiversitylibraryorgpage48159587 fish 2016bioblitz taxonomy:binomial=labrustrichopterus taxonomy:binomial=trichopodustrichopterus taxonomy:common=threespotgourami taxonomy:binomial=labruspunctatus taxonomy:binomial=polycentrusschomburgkii taxonomy:common=guyanaleaffish artist:name=johannfriedrichhennig artist:viaf=58900475
D. Marcus Elieser Bloch's, ausübenden Arztes zu Berlin ... Oeconomische Naturgeschichte der Fische Deutschlands .... Berlin :Auf Kosten des Verfassers und in Commission bei dem Buchhändler Hr. Hesse,1782-1795.....
Photo by BioDivLibrary on Flickr