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Miss Saltwatertank's - Equipment breakdown

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Reef Tank Sump Expansion & New Equipment - Part 2

Many of us reefers start with used equipment, and Im no exception.

Who is Aquaforest? New reef tank supplements and equipment from Europe

com is the source for all your reef aquarium news - the latest on exotic fish, rare corals and hot new aquarium gear.

Selecting Fish for a New Reef Tank - EP 1: Fish and Corals

Our first episode discusses selecting fish for your new reef tank.

The Best Ways to Cycle Your Reef Aquarium



  • The Marine Reef Aquarium

    Barron's Educational Series. 2017. ISBN: 0764160230,9780764160233. 208 pages.

    (back cover) This book focuses on developing a system using natural rock and sand as the foundation for a sustainable reef aquarium. Detailed step-by-step guidance throughout. Features more than 400 photos and illustrations.

  • The Marine Aquarium Handbook

    TFH Publications. 2017. ISBN: 0982026218,9780982026212. 351 pages.

    The Marine Aquarium Handbook is the bestselling saltwater aquarium book of all time, selling more than 250,000 copies since first published in 1982 and launching aspiring aquarists into the marine aquarium hobby. Out of print since 2006, this indispensable resource is now available in a completely updated and redesigned third edition that includes world-class color photography to help guide the reader through setup of their first marine aquarium and then progresses to reefkeeping and breeding...

  • The Reef Aquarium

    Two Little Fishies Incorporated. 1997. 546 pages.
  • Complete Encyclopedia of the Saltwater Aquarium

    Firefly Books Limited. 2017. ISBN: 1552978176,9781552978177. 400 pages.

    Provides information on setting up a saltwater aquarium, accessories, salt mixes, and over three hundred marine fish and invertebrates.

  • The Coral Reef Aquarium

    Ricordea Publishing. 2011. ISBN: 1883693306,9781883693305. 272 pages.

    A comprehensive guide that puts in perspective all the details a beginning or advanced hobbyist needs when planning a small or a giant reef aquarium. With detailed illustrations & diagrams and featuring a large collection of some of the most spectacular reef aquariums ever created from all over the world. 272 pages, hardcover.Tony's over brimming enthusiasm, knowledge and charm is just contagious and packaged in a style that can only be described as “Tonyesque.” It just permeates throughout...

aquarium api reeftank stresszyme stresscoat
I swear! It's for my fish!!
API bacteria starter, and water conditioner for new aquariums. Currently setting up a small tank to treat a few precious fish and quarantine new fish from my reef aquarium. Just thought the names of the products...
Photo by Moto@Club4AG on Flickr