Living Reef Aquarium

Coral Reef Aquarium 65 Gallon HD Saltwater

Here is an updated video of my 65 gallon reef tank.

Living Reef Orlando - LFS Rimless Display Nano Reef Tanks

I filmed this in March 2016. 1st tank is an Innovative Marine Fusion Nano 20. 2nd tank is an Innovative Marine Nuvo 10. 3rd tank is Red Sea Reefer 170. All are.

200 gallons Living Reef Aquarium - Room Divider (Side 1)

200 gallons Living Reef Aquarium - Room Divider Installed in Long Beach, CA.

Feng Shui Living Reef Tank | Tanked!

One of the most memorable tanks at ATM was the Feng Shui Living Reef tank.


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fish coral rock aquarium soft purple live bubble reef nano corals tang
110g as of 10/26/2010
acrylic tank starting to show signs of scratches...
Photo by Moto@Club4AG on Flickr
liverock pencilurchin
Saltwater Aquarium
Photo by Haslam Digital on Flickr
fish canada coral winnipeg tank manitoba mandarin liverock saltwater gobe
A saltwater fish tank at the Bird Shop and Aquarium pet store in Winnipeg. The fish is a Mandarin Gobe
Photo by Rob Swystun on Flickr