Rasbora - Red

The Chili Rasbora, Boraras brigittae- Species Spotlight

Super tiny, extremely vibrant, and outgoing, the Chili rasbora is an ideal inhabitant for a nano tank.

Crystal Red and Mosquito Rasbora in Dennerle 30 Liter cube

Crystal Red and Mosquito Rasbora in Dennerle 30 Liter cube.

Rasbora Pauciperforata - The red-line rasbora

A delightful rasbora that reaches 2 inches in length.

planted tank with moss, neon tetra, galaxy rasbora, red cherry shrimp, red crystal shrimp

One of the red cherry shrimps laid a bunch of eggs.

Rasbora Galaxy (danio margaritatus) i Sakura Red.

Zwęszyły tabletki dla krewetek.


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rasbora borapetensis
Blackline rasbora (red-tailed rasbora, bora bora rasbora, brilliant rasbora)
Rasbora borapetensis DSC09775
Photo by ibsut on Flickr
Red-Tailed Rasbora
Rasbora borapetensis (I think) Roslyns Garden DSC09777
Photo by ibsut on Flickr
Red-Tailed Rasbora
Photo by ibsut on Flickr