Puffer - Figure Eight

Jul 19, 17:56 PDT

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Figure 8 Puffer Eating Snails (Tetraodon Biocellatus) Brackish Tank

In this video I just show some hunting and foraging behavior from my Figure 8 Puffer, Butterbean.

Two Tetraodon biocellatus / Figure-8 Puffer Fish eating Snails

Two Tetraodon biocellatus / Figure-8 Puffer Fish eating Snails.

Figure 8 Puffer Information

How I care for my figure 8 puffer fish.

Figure 8 Puffer's first clam!

My puffer "Marbles" bites off a little more than he can chew.

Figure 8 Puffer with Bumble Bee Gobies in my Brackish Tank.

Here's a look at my barackish tank.


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