Pearl Gourami

Feb 2, 22:38 PST

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Weekend Profiles: Pearl Gourami

The Pearl Gourami is quite common, yet it is a classic when considering delicately planted aquascapes with it's non-destructive behavior, even temperament, .

Species profile # 8: The Pearl Gourami (Trichopodus leerii )

Some info on the pearl gourami (general care and behavior)

Pearl Gourami

DK: perleguramier Eng: Pearl Gourami Latin: Trichogaster leeri.

How to care for a pearl gourami

How to care for a pearl gourami.

Male Pearl Gourami with female Opaline Gourami.

More of my Gouramis.


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Day 20 of 365
Pearl Gourami feeding from the surface
Photo by Leigh Harries on Flickr
Trichogaster leeri (Gourami Perla/Pearl Gourami)
Photo by berarma on Flickr
aquarium tropical aquaria
Pearl Gourami
My Pearl Gourami. This is a very interesting fish - always watching me. My 55 gallon tropical tank. Catalina 4x54 T5HO lighting coming on Wednesday.
Photo by Psychlist1972 on Flickr