Moonlight Gourami

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Moonlight Gouramis competing for dominance.

My two Moonlight Gouramis are sparing to establish dominance, but are interrupted by my Snakeskin Gourami.

Beautiful moonlight gourami. Aquarium fish tank

This is my very timid moonlight gourami.

Moonlight Gourami In Aquarium

Moonlight Gourami Temperament: Peaceful - This fish is generally peaceful though personalities tend to go either way as they mature, with individuals being are .

Medium Sized Moonlight Gourami

My Moonlight Gourami just swimming around the tank.

Moonlight Gourami: Breeding Colors

So I've got something neat going on with my two moonlight Gourami.


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fish tropicalfish moonlightgourami
Moonlight Gourami
Photo by carolineCCB on Flickr
fish tropicalfish moonlightgourami
Moonlight Gourami
Photo by carolineCCB on Flickr
fish tropicalfish honeygourami moonlightgourami
Moonlight & Honey Gourami
Photo by carolineCCB on Flickr