Hunting Shotguns

Shotgun Deer Hunting - November 24th, 2015

My most recent Shotgun Deer Hunting Video.

Boar shot with a shotgun from a kayak.

Uncut version of a typical river boar kill from the kayak.

Rabbit Hunt: Boy Hunting Rabbits with A 12 Gauge Shotgun During Winter Season

Hunting Rabbits with a 12 Gauge shot gun in Southern Nevada.

Shotguns & Hunting Gear

In this video I show you some of the Shotguns and Gear I use when I go Hunting or Shooting.

Rabbit Hunting with a Single-Shot Shotgun!

Rabbit Hunting with a Single-Shot.

dog gun hunting shotgun quail
Katie the bird dog
Photo by pocketwiley on Flickr
gun hunting shotgun quail
Beaver Creek Quail Hunt
Photo by pocketwiley on Flickr
birthday cake hunting shotgun
Shotgun Birthday
Photo by CJ Sorg on Flickr