How To Fish Lures

How to start lure fishing

See how to start lure fishing, including tips on tackle set-up, casting and working lures to catch fish.

Top 10 Fall Bass Fishing Lures by 1Rod1ReelFishing

Lure Reviews start at 1:05 Featured baits: 1. Z Man chatterbait (1/2 ounce, bluegill) - zoom swimming chunk trailer (green pumpkin) 2. War eagle spinnerbait (3/8.

Fishing Lures & Baits : How to Work a Spinner Bait

Spinner baits are a versatile tool in fishing, and they have a lead head for weight that allows them to be cast a long way.

Pond Fishing Lures: How To Catch Bass In Ponds

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How to Fish Lures | The Jerkbait - TAFishing ft. Kanalgratis

How to retrieve the lure, what depth to fish it and beginners info for fishing a jerkbait lure.

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tell me, does your dog bite?
_ the classic line from the Pink Panther movie _ how can a steel trap-like predator look so happy? monkfish at Museum of Nature, Ottawa, Canada
Photo by subarcticmike on Flickr
simon fishing lure
Plastic Bag Fishing Lure. AKA "Casper"
This lure catches fish my good friend Simon tells me. I told him how my brother Kurt used plastic bag to make a small white bait lure/mimic. Simon took it to a whole new level and produced "Casper".
Photo by marcleh on Flickr
fishing nikon granbury d3100
Fishing lures...
... Where? On the power line above the fishing pier at Lake Granbury. We have this little hole-in-the-wall by the lake in Granbury that we like to go eat fish at, we've been going there for years and grabbing a fish...
Photo by ..Russ.. on Flickr