Fly fishing flies

Understanding trout flies and how to use them

Tim Landwehr and Tight Lines Fly Fishing Company brings you this basic video series on fly fishing 101. Check us out at www.

How to Choose a Fly Fishing Flies to Catch More Fish - Fly Selection

If simplified, anyone can go out and catch fish on the fly.

Top 5 Trout Fly Fishing Flies - BEST Patterns

BEST Top 5 trout flies and patters you need in your box.

Top 5 Bass Flies - BEST Fly Fishing Gear

A video about the Top Flies for catching trophy bass.

Tom Rosenbauer & The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing | Wet Flys & Nymphs

From fly selection to presentation options, Tom details all.

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flying underwater
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Photo by marfis75 on Flickr
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Fly fishing in Central Oregon
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Flying Fish
Flying like a bird...... then descends into a water like a flying fish. Terbang seperti burung, dan mendarat seperti ikan terbang.