Fishing fly rods

Jul 19, 09:33 PDT

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Fly Fishing for Bass for the First Time! - Vlog (Bass Fishing) Powered by Whitewater Express

First fly rod fish ever at 5:27 If you want to see more videos like this.

Selecting A Fly Rod - Type & Sizes - Kiene's Fly Shop

Bill Kiene of Kiene's Fly Shop in Sacramento, CA talking about the different types and sizes of fly rods.

Fly Rod vs Spinning Rod Fly Fishing For Trout. Wood River Rhode Island

Fishing one of my favorite rivers in Rhode Island and in this video I discuss the advantages of fishing with a fly rod and the disadvantages of fishing with a .

How to Fly Fish- Beginner Fly Casting

Chris Myers explains and demonstrates the basic fly fishing cast.

Steelhead Fishing: Fly Rod Setup and Fly Selection


alaska flyfishing flyfisher
Fly Fishing
Eve got to try different rods just below our house.
Photo by The Cabin On The Road on Flickr
salmon fisher flyfishing tongassforest
Fly Fisher
5 foot woman with a 9 foot rod
Photo by The Cabin On The Road on Flickr
fish net water river fishing fisherman rod flyfishing wilderness rainbowtrout reel livingstone
Fish in Net
The Livingstone is full of rainbow and whitefish, but the bull trout are the biggest challenge.
Photo by Colynn on Flickr