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Pond Bass Fishing With Grubs -- VLOG # 14

ly/1HJprz9 Perics Reel: http://bit.

How To Rig Grubs | Bass Fishing

There are many ways to rig and use the versatile grub.

Using Curly Tail Grubs for Smallmouth Bass

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How To Fish Grubs On A Jighead | Bass Fishing

The underrated grub can catch scores of fish with this simple setup.

Plastic Grubs For Trout!

If You're Not Using Grubs, You Should Be. Cal Kellogg Breaks Down How.

naturalhistorymuseum angelfish
Angel Fish (post grub)
you can see a little fish in it's gob
Photo by memespring on Flickr
fish eggplant athens greece taverna retsina
Athens Grub
you walk down into this little basement place (taverna) and they hand you each a half loaf of bread and a cold tin of retsina and then they start bringing out whatever they're making that day. you don't get a choice...
Photo by eblaser on Flickr
romania carpfishing raduta
food delivery raduta - terrible grub
For the full story of fishing lake Raduta in Romania check out the blog. Catch reports from all the big venues including live updates from Bin el Ouidane in Morocco.
Photo by radcarper on Flickr