Scopas Tang

Scopas tang care (Zebrasoma Scopas)

Care requirements for the Scopas tang Support on Patreon → https://www.

55g reef Scopas Tang the copy of the Yellow Tang, Marine fish and reef safe

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Yellow Tang and Scopas Tang

117 cube.

New addition: Scopas Tang!

I added a Scopas Tang to my 180 gallon reef tank today and moved a few corals around as well.

Zebrasoma Scopas tang eating nori

A quick video to show family how much the scopas tang likes his nori.


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fiji snorkeling convicttang lomaiviti wakaya zebrasomascopas convictsurgeonfish acanthurustriostegus homesteadbay brushtailtang korosea
convict and brushtail tang
convict tang Acanthurus triostegus also called convict surgeonfish brushtail tang Zebrasoma scopas
Photo by Paul and Jill on Flickr
coral fiji snorkeling acropora convicttang lomaiviti wakaya zebrasomascopas convictsurgeonfish acanthurustriostegus brushtailtang korosea
convict surgeonfish Acanthurus triostegus and brushtail tang Zebrasoma scopas
with Acropora corals
Photo by Paul and Jill on Flickr
fiji snorkeling coralreef lomaiviti crownofthornsstarfish acanthasterplanci wakaya homesteadbay korosea
Homestead Bay reef
The fish, clockwise from bottom left, are citron (or speckled) butterflyfish Chaetodon citrinellus, pennant bannerfish Heniochus chrysostomus, baroness (or eastern triangular) butterflyfish Chaetodon baronessa, and...
Photo by Paul and Jill on Flickr