Starry Blenny

Starry Blenny eating on feeding day. Video taken with an i

Wonderful video of some of the antics of my saltwater critters :) my Starry Blenny is a wonderful fish to watch.

Starry Blenny

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Starry Blenny and Lawnmower Blenny in the Same Aquarium - G Tank 3

Can you add a Starry Blenny and a Lawnmower Blenny to the same tank.

Starry Blenny Feeding 6/18/11

Starry Blenny (and firefish) feeding time in my Biocube 14. Specs: Equipment: Stock except: Koralia Nano 240, 50w Tetra heater, Fan upgrade Livestock: Firefish.

Fire Shrimp cleans Starry Blenny

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