Thorichthys Aureus

Thorichthys aureus 'Rio Copan'

I took this video in the fish house of Rusty Wessel, in Louisville in May, 2015. This has got to be the most spectacularly colored Thorichthys of them all.

Thorichthys aureus pair

Goldbuntbarsch - Thorichthys aureus @ZOO Leipzig Aquarium

de FACEBOOK: https://www.

Thorichthys aureus (Günther, 1862) HD - Blue Flash, Golden Acara - Aqua Porte Dorée - 05/2014

Thorichthys aureus (Günther, 1862) HD - Blue Flash, Golden Acara - Aqua Porte Dorée - 05/2014 Source Fishbase : http://www.

Thorichthys aureus Rio Copan

tankmates are another 4 T. aureus Rio Copan and 10x Paraneetroplus gibbiceps Rio Puoyocantenga.

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  • DOF: 26/08/2016

    I Las especies autorizadas para la pesca comercial son: tilapia (Oreochromis aureus), carpa común, carpa espejo o carpa de Israel (Cyprinus carpio), langosta de agua dulce (Cherax quadricarinatus) y langostino (Macrobrachium americanum).


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