Suckermouth Catfish

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Texas Invasive Species - Armoured Suckermouth Catfish

Not sure what fish it is, I read it's called an armored catfish.

Suckermouth Catfish Close-Up Feeding

A real close-up shot of my suckermouth catfish (Hypostomus plecostomus) feeding, taken in March 2015. It keeps the tank clean like no machine.

Suckermouth Catfish

Video Suckermouth Catfish Copyright ©Alex A 2012 All rights of the producer/owner of the recorded work reserved.

Caught a Suckermouth Catfish !

Suckermouth Catfish Changing Color Again

Suckermouth catfish (Hypostomus plecostomus) changing its color back from white to black after moving to a new (smaller) fish tank.

Latest News

  • South American armoured suckermouth catfish found in Leicestershire

    03/27/09 ,via

    The armoured suckermouth catfish – Hypostomus plecostomus in Latin – are herbivores and use their distinctive mouths to hoover up algae off rocks. Their tough armoured plating acts as a defence mechanism to ward off predators in tropical waters.

  • Pictures: New Suckermouth Armored Catfish Discovered

    04/11/12 ,via National Geographic

    A new species of suckermouth armored catfish (pictured) has been found in Ecuador, a new study says. DePaul University scientist Windsor Aguirre found five specimens of the odd-looking fish in 2008 in the Santa Rosa River (map) and sent them to 

  • Suckermouth Armored Catfish: Freshwater Species of the Week

    04/14/12 ,via National Geographic

    The Auburn scientist, Milton Tan, told 's Christine Dell'Amore that the small fish (2.8 inches, or 7 centimeters, long) is unusual because it doesn't have armored plates on the sides of its head, unlike related species. Instead, it

  • Fishing: Leave Idaho's river monsters where they belong

    05/11/16 ,via Idaho Statesman

    Also known as a suckermouth catfish or a pleco, the Plecostomus is a common pet fish used for cleaning the algae off of aquarium glass. Plecos are native to the South American tropics, which means the only way for one to find its way into Lucky Peak is

  • Armored catfish are decimating Texas waterways

    09/19/11 ,via Houston Chronicle

    Sometimes called "suckermouth catfish," armored catfish are more properly called by their species name, plecostomus. And most people know them by the shortened version, pleco. A growing problem. These are the same fish, in juvenile stage, folks buy


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fish macro aquarium
Dwarf suckermouth catfish. You might think he looks like a tasty mouthful, but look closer and you'll see he's completely covered in spines.
Photo by AJC1 on Flickr
fish animal aquarium fishtank catfish plecostomus pleco osteichthyes actinopterygii suckermouthcatfish hypostomusplecostomus hypostomus loricariidae z981 hypostomussp
Pleco (Hypostomus sp.)
Pleco (Hypostomus sp.) in my dad's aquarium, 20 March 2011. I always wanted to get photos of his fish so whith my new camera I thought I'd try. It only worked if the fish was completely still though so this was the...
iris pet fish macro eye animal aquarium tank angle critter omega exotic catfish algae captive creature armored plecostomus captivity eater freshwater pleco suckerfish macrophotography armoured algaeeater coldblooded freshwateraquarium plec petfish suckermouthcatfish exoticpet suckermouth armoredcatfish janitorfish armouredcatfish ectothermic taxonomybinomial
His name is Vaginamouth. It's not inappropriate, it's anatomy, I can totally put it here : P
Photo by Furryscaly on Flickr