Neolamprologus Cylindricus

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Neolamprologus cylindricus

Neolamprologus cylindricus

Neolamprologus cylindricus.

Crazy Neolamprologus cylindricus

Neolamprologus cylindricus

Neolamprologus Cylindricus Lake Tanganyika Tank Raised Maryland

Tank raised in Maryland.


  • Lake Tanganyika Cichlids

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    (back cover) Information and advice to help you take good care of your Lake Tanganyika Cichlids Their origins, life cycles, traits, and more Expert advice: feeding, tank maintenance, and general care Appreciating aquarium fish: identifying varieties and observing their behavior Step-by-step directions for daily care Informative checklists and sidebars Filled with handsome full-color photos (picture caption) These fish are available to hobbyists in many interesting and colorful varieties.

  • Lake Tanganyikan Cichlids

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    The cichlid is an increasingly popular fish among aquarium hobbyists, and the hundreds of Lake Tanganyikan varieties are considered by many to be the best of all. This book discusses all aspects of cichlid care, including best tank size, filtration, heating, lighting, water quality, and even breeding. Also featured is information on other tropical fish varieties that can be kept with Lake Tanganyikan Cichlids.

  • Patterns and Processes of Speciation in Ancient Lakes

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    Ancient lakes are exceptional freshwater environments that have continued to exist for hundreds of thousands of years. They have long been recognized as centres of biodiversity and hotspots of evolution. During recent decades, speciation in ancient lakes has emerged as an important and exciting topic in evolutionary biology. The contributions in this volume deal with patterns and processes of biological diversification in three prominent ancient lake systems. Of these, the famous East African...

  • Complete Encyclopedia of the Freshwater Aquarium

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