Rocio Octofasciata

Rocio octofasciata

A little look at the R. octofasciata pair.

American Cichlid Species - Jack Dempsey Cichlid "Rocio Octofasciata"

Comman Name : Jack Dempsey Cichlid, Diamond Cichlid Scientific Name : Rocio Octofasciata Family: Cichlidae Origin : Central & North America - from as far .

Rocio octofasciata defending fry in Cenote Escondido, Wild caught Jack Dempsey cichlids.

A underwater video of a pair of Rocio ocotascaiata aka Jack Dempsey cichlids in Cenote Escondido, Yucatan Peninsular, Mexico.

Blue Jack Dempsey / Rocio Octofasciata

Sollte euch das Video gefallen haben würde ich mich über Kommentare und positive Bewertungen freuen.

Rocio octofasciata 20 10 2014


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