Kissing Gourami

Kissing Gourami's kissing eachother!

kissing gourami's - its where they get their name from because its what they do.

Kissing Gourami - 27 Years Old

I got this fish in January 1990. He's still going strong.

Learn How To Care For The Pink Kissing Gourami

Thank you for viewing my video.

Battle of the Kissing Gouramis

Kissing Gouramis fighting.

Kissing Gourami Care Guide, these Fish Grow Large

It's very important to take note that these fish can grow up to 12 inches long.


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Pink Kissing Gouramis
Photo by Clevergrrl on Flickr
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Planted Juwel Vision tropical aquarium
1 Angel fish 1 red hump eartheater 1 leopard bush fish 2 kissing gourami 1 red tailed shark 6 giant danio 1 bristlenose female plec 1 emperor plec 1 block head cichlid 1 blue fish (not sure what) apple snails
Photo by (: Rebecca-louise :) on Flickr
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Kissing Gourami 2
Photo by Purblind on Flickr