Whisper 20 Air Pump

Apr 22, 01:32 PDT

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Tetra Whisper 20-40 Gallon Aquarium Air Pump Unboxing & Sound Test - #197

Tetra Whisper 40 Aquarium Air Pump first one so far and it's working perfectly.

Tetra Whisper Air Pump 20 Unboxing and Noise Test

This air pump is installed on a tank in my office.

Tetra 10-30 WHISPER Aquarium Air Pump Opening and Review

I open and try out this WHISPER 10-30 aquarium air Pump.

10 Best Aquarium Air Pumps 2016

id=ytdesc Aquarium Air Pumps Reviewed In This Wiki: Penn-Plax AirPod Marine Metal.

Petco basic air pump VS Whisper 150

okay this is a video I made comparing my PETCO air pump against my whisper 150 air pump.

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