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Step by Step Diatom Filter Setup!

Here's a follow up video how to set up the Vortex Diatom Filter.

New Mag Drive Retrofit Pumps for Vortex Diatom Filters

New magnetic drive pump assemblies to replace your existing model XL filter pumps.

Vortex Model XL Diatom Filter Magnetic Drive Retrofit Pump UPDATED!!!

This is a video of the latest design of the Vortex Model XL Diatom Filter magnetic drive retrofit pumps offered by www.


The Vortex XL Diatom Filter is hands down the best old school equipment I own.

Aquarium algae bloom removed with diatom filter

Time lapse of an algae bloom in a 65 galon aquarium tank being removed by the Vortex Diatom XL filter over a duration of 3 hours.

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    The diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana is genetically engineered to display an IgG-binding domain of protein G on the biosilica surface, enabling attachment of cell-targeting antibodies. Neuroblastoma and B-lymphoma cells are selectively targeted and

  • Vortex Spring started as diver's dream

    07/21/13 ,via Dothan Eagle

    He invented a pneumatic yoke used in diving and the diatom filter used in aquariums. In the 1950s, Dockery and his wife made a contribution to diving still used today the diver down flag. The red flag with a white diagonal stripe is used to alert

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    Saturn's south pole also has a giant vortex, but not this polygonal shape. Space.com describes attempts to explain the feature: Some diatom species form free-standing hexagons in addition to the more common circles, triangles, squares, and

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    Journalist Will Storr recently documented a history of bungled attempts to create a safer cigarette, from one that passed the carcinogenic smoke through a filter made of another carcinogen – asbestos – to another that heated tobacco rather than burning


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