Vortex Diatom Aquarium Filter

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Step by Step Diatom Filter Setup!

Here's a follow up video how to set up the Vortex Diatom Filter.

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  • Vortex Spring started as diver's dream

    07/21/13 ,via Dothan Eagle

    He invented a pneumatic yoke used in diving and the diatom filter used in aquariums. In the 1950s, Dockery and his wife made a contribution to diving still used today the diver down flag. The red flag with a white diagonal stripe is used to alert

  • Starfish go five ways, but two ways when stressed

    01/17/12 ,via Discover Magazine (blog)

    First, they dropped the animals in a new tank of water, waited for them to crawl away, and noted which arms they led with. Next, they turned the animals over. An upside-down starfish pushes two arms against the ground for support and stamps down with

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    03/27/12 ,via Discover Magazine (blog)

    “We hoped they would also comment on other things going on in the aquarium but they didn't.” It is difficult persuading dolphins to learn some arbitrary signals, like a whistle signifying a ball, and then use them in a social context, admits Gregg

  • Deep-sea squid can break off all its arms onto an enemy

    08/01/12 ,via Discover Magazine (blog)

    If you grew up on a diet of 1980s cartoons, as I did, you will have seen many a giant robot shoot many a rocket-propelled fist into many a big monster. Sadly, there are no rocket punches in the real world, but I can give you the next best thing: a

  • Why are stabby mantis shrimps so much slower than punchy ones?

    11/22/12 ,via Discover Magazine (blog)

    They rely on quick strikes to kill their prey, and they target fast victims like fish and shrimp rather than the tank-like, slow-moving crabs favoured by smashers. But surprisingly, Maya DeVries from the University of California, Berkeley, found that


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    Barron's Educational Series. 2017. ISBN: 0764113380,9780764113383. 138 pages.

    A constant concern among aquarium hobbyists is keeping their fish healthy and active. This book offers all the advice they'll need. It opens with discussion and advice on tank water chemistry--how to control it to produce an optimal environment for aquatic life. Other important topics explored in detail include fish nutrition, recognizing and treating fish diseases, and protecting fish against parasites, as well as bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. In addition to sound advice, readers...

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