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Why do Betta Fish NEED a heater for their tank or bowl ?

While some people say that Bettas will be "fine" without an aquarium heater . unless you live in a tropical country it is recommended to have one.

Fish bowls are not a good idea for any fish, but here is information on it.

By Paul Talbot http://www.

Best Planted Betta Bowl - Walstad Method - First Week

This is my best betta bowl ever.

Debunking the Biggest BETTA FISH Myths

Often people use the puddle myth to justify confining Bettas in small jars and containers.

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    Under the tuna tartar plate is a bowl with a swimming Siamese fighting fish or Betta fish. “Two Bettas can't be in the same bowl, they can jump from bowl to bowl.” Lederer prides himself on Bluegrass' unique presentations which often include

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    “We recognize and appreciate our obligation in the care and feeding of our live fish. We have processes in our stores that allow for the proper care of all betta fish by our associates. Like anything else in our store, if something doesn't meet our

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    A Texas pet-sitting business is seeking up to $1 million in damages from a couple who gave a one-star review on Yelp and criticized the company's treatment of their tiny blue tropical Betta fish "Gordy" while the family was away on vacation. The

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    The easily managed betta fish (aka Siamese fighting fish) doesn't require a complicated tank setup, making it another wise choice for renters. These brilliantly hued beauties' bowls simply need clean, warm water (forget the aquarium filters or heaters


  • Betta Fish Or Siamese Fighting Fish. Betta Fish Owners Manual. Betta Fish Care, Health, Tank, Costs and Feeding.

    Imb Publishing Betta Fish. 2015. ISBN: 1910941727,9781910941720. 130 pages.

    The Betta Fish or Siamese Fighting Fish hails from the Mekong basin and has featured in fish tanks and bowls for centuries despite its reputation for aggression. Today there is a wide range of colours and tail and fin shapes to delight the aquarist, and these fish are also bred very successfully in captivity, including by hobbyists. This book will introduce you to these fish by looking at the different types, discussing their appearance and biology, typical Betta Fish behaviour, their feeding...

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    Comprehensive advice for pet owners, written by well-known pet experts. Illustrated with over 75 photographs and charts, each book details the equipment you need, as well as advice on diet, training, and grooming.

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    You saved your Betta's life from the pet store. Now learn how to make your Betta into the most comfortable, safe, and cared-for fish in the world.

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