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Undergravel Filter Good or Bad? Betta fish and Shipping Daily Dose 51

I think undergravel filters are highly underrated.

100 gallon Aquarium Under Gravel filter install! New Platies.

I got new Sunset variatus platies and installed an undergravel filter in the 100 gallon tank with aragonite.

Under Gravel Filter

Response to Aquarium co-op Under-gravel Filter Good or Bad.

undergravel filter

This animation talks about undergravel filtration.

Lees 125 gallon under gravel filter install

okay this video right here is me installing my Lees 125 gallon under gravel filter.

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I 'lent' my dad my fish tank. Hes geeking out and designing an undergravel filter... #geekout
via Instagram ift.tt/1VtFzuy
Photo by jasongraham99 on Flickr