Tropical Fish Types

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All Freshwater Aquarium Fish Species

We love aquairum tanks and we made a video about all freshwater aquairum fish species.

top 10 tropical fish

My opinion on the top 10 freshwater fish to buy.

top ten tropical fish

i did this because i love fish and i wanted to give you some advice.

Common Types of Freshwater Aquarium Fish

Tropical Fish Selection For Your Tropical Aquarium


Latest News

  • Fish out of water! Incredible blennies are evolving to live on LAND to escape sea-bound predators

    03/17/17 ,via Daily Mail

    They are found in both tropical and cold waters. Tropical blennies are Scientists from the University of South Wales in Australia studied several species of blenny fish - often referred to as blennies - in Rarotonga, which is one of the Cook

  • Coral Reefs Are Threatened by More Than Just Climate Change

    03/18/17 ,via KCET

    About a quarter of the ocean's fish species rely on coral reefs as a sheltered environment in which to deposit their eggs, giving young fish a bit of protection after they hatch. So it's no accident that coral reefs are disproportionately affected by

  • To keep the Great Barrier Reef alive, the oceans must be cooler

    03/15/17 ,via The Verge

    A good protective measure, for instance, is a bunch of fish. See, when reefs bleach severely, the corals get covered by a particular type of algae that doesn't allow new coral larvae to come in and grow. That would strangle the reef — if it isn't

  • Paradise found: 12 crowd-free Asia island escapes

    03/10/17 ,via CNN

    The area is teeming with wildlife, running the gamut from pangolins (like small, scaly anteaters) to colorful hornbills, flying foxes, "dugong" manatees, sea turtles and dozens of coral and tropical fish species. In addition to wildlife, Lampi is also

  • Aquarium Therapy in College

    03/12/17 ,via Uloop News

    Most fish in pet stores are tropical. Tropical fish need 75-80 degree water. So unless you keep your room super warm all year long, a heater is necessary. Aeration is also needed for most fish. If you do not want to buy an air pump, get a filter that


  • The Everything Tropical Fish Book

    Everything Books. 2000. ISBN: 1580623433,9781580623438. 307 pages.

    Provides information on setting up and maintaining a saltwater and freshwater aquarium.

  • Spoilage of Tropical Fish and Product Development

    Food & Agriculture Org.. 1985. ISBN: 9251023395,9789251023396. 474 pages.
  • My Ultimate Tropical Fish Guide ISBN: 9781471603341,1471603342. 59 pages.
  • Tropical Fish Photo Collection Vol.2

    Synforest Publishing. 177 pages.

    Photo book of 49 types of tropical fish.169 high quality full-color images with text (name and the scientific name). Relaxing effect and the escape from the stress of daily life. [Cichlids (12 Types)] #Blue Diamond Discus, #Golden Diamond Angelfish, #Leopold's Angelfish, #Ram Cichlid, #Borelli's Dwarf Cichlid “Opal”, #Red Oscar, #Severum (Heros sp.), #Flower Horn, #Parrot Fire Cichlid, #Egyptian Mouthbrooder, #Electric Blue Hap, #Fairy Cichlid [Labyrinth Fish (8 Types)] #Dwarf Gourami,...

  • Tropical Fish Species Guide

    Luminescent Media. 2013. ISBN: 9781494837242,1494837242. 122 pages.

    Learn about your tropical fish the easy way with fish profiles, vital stats, compatibility advice, feeding requirements and more... This book explores common tropical fish profiles feeding requirements fish compatibility advice vital statistics aquarium setup advice and requirements and more... Whether you have just bought your first aquarium or have been running one for a while, this book will provide you with a firm grasp of the underpinning foundations and equip you with the knowledge...

fish nature water coral japan rural island japanese islands countryside nationalpark healthy paradise underwater snorkel snorkeling clear tropical 日本 okinawa 沖縄 reef yaeyama 離島 skindiving 島 yaeyamaislands 八重山諸島 ruraljapan 琉球 tablecoral スノーケル hatoma 南西諸島 鳩間島 シュノーケル nansei 八重山列島 先島諸島 snorkelinginjapan sakishimaislands
Snorkeling with colourful fish of tropical Japan
Underwater - Hatoma Island, Okinawa, Japan Snorkel tour by guesthouse Mariud Hatoma Island belongs to the Yaeyama Island group which boasts of paradisical beaches, untouched tropical rainforests, lush mangrove...
Photo by Ippei & Janine Naoi on Flickr
bird birds wildlife fabaceae madagascar tamarind drongo tamarindtree dicruridae dicrurus amboasary cresteddrongo dicrurusforficatus drydeciduousforest kaletareserve taxonomy:binomial=tamarindusindica taxonomy:binomial=dicrurusforficatus tamarindusindicus
Crested Drongo in Tamarind tree
Kaleta Reserve, near Amboasary in southern Madagascar. The bird is sitting in a Tamarind tree. From Wikipedia - Tamarind (Tamarindus indica) (from Latinization of Arabic: تمر هندي tamar Hind "Indian Date")...
Photo by wallygrom on Flickr
california orca morrobay killerwhale sanluisobispo subseakayakandwhaletours
these orcas were seen on the sub sea kayak and whale watching boat out of morro bay. pretty exciting! these are all my photos, not the best, but that's what we saw! The killer whale (Orcinus orca), also referred to...
Photo by minicooper93402 on Flickr