Tropical Discus Fish

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All Beautiful and Colorful Discus Fish Species new HD

be/CBtyFqSw6JA Discus fish are very interesting and beautiful fish for aquarium tanks.

Freshwater Aquarium Discus Fish New HD

be/NpVC4oH1tIc Freshwater Aquarium Fish,how to animal and care for a most beautiful aquarium and.

All Beautiful and Colorful Discus Fish Species

Discus fish are very interesting and beautiful fish for aquarium tanks.

Galaxy Discus prefers "Tropical" Fish Food

Shipping Tropical Fish by Wattley discus

We not only promise to replace any DOA but we promise your fish will be the most.

Latest News

  • This Obscure Bangkok Market is Home to a Million-Dollar Collection of Tropical Fish

    12/01/16 ,via Atlas Obscura

    Tucked away just outside the main cluster of the weekend market is a section few Western tourists ever see: Chatuchak's vast tropical fish and exotic pet market, home to one of the most impressive (and expensive) collections of live aquarium fish

  • Meet the World's Most Expensive Pet Fish

    07/17/16 ,via National Geographic

    The Asian arowana is the world's most expensive aquarium fish. It is a tropical freshwater fish from Southeast Asia that grows three feet long in the wild. That's roughly the size of a snowshoe. [Laughs.] It is a fierce predator dating back to the age

  • Discus: The whole truth and nothing but...

    All Discus will live in water prepared by a reverse osmosis filter - but do they all need it? Much will depend on the water your fish have spent their lives in prior to reaching your tank. Wild Discus will require soft, slightly acidic water and

  • The Tiny Amazonian City That Supplies Aquarium Fish to the World

    08/30/16 ,via Atlas Obscura

    But what sets this city apart from countless other small jungle outposts in the Amazon basin is that Barcelos has, for the past 50 years or more, been the epicenter of a unique trade—harvesting millions of colorful tropical fish destined not for the

  • A Rare Find

    10/24/16 ,via

    As a local fish store that specializes in rare and exotic freshwater fish, we have built our first store as the place where people in Southern California go to find rare pleco specimens and higher-end fish such as discus, African tigerfish, black


  • Discus Fish

    Barron's Educational Series. 2017. ISBN: 0764128582,9780764128585. 95 pages.

    Freshwater aquarium hobbyists will find all the information they need regarding purchasing, feeding, and maintaining this delicately-hued tropical fish. Heavily illustrated with vivid color photos and instructive line art, Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals show and inform pet owners regarding proper care of dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, small caged animals--virtually every creature that is kept as a pet. The books give advice on purchasing and otherwise acquiring a pet,...

  • Super Foods Tropical Fish and Discus

    Createspace Independent Publishing Platform. 2017. ISBN: 1542303788,9781542303781. 120 pages.

    Make your own Tropical Fish and Discus Cichlids Super Foods and See Your Healthy, Happy Thriving Fish Growing by the Day! For me writing this book has been an incredible journey, where I have learnt so much about food for my tropical fish and what's best for them. How the book came about, and the actual writing of this publication, was in truth down to world famous Naked Master Chef "Jamie Oliver" who was the inspiration for me, where he clearly shows after selling more than 20 million of his...

  • Tropical Fish Species Guide

    Elluminet Press. 2015. ISBN: 9781911174073,191117407X. 140 pages.

    Learn about your tropical fish the easy way with fish profiles, vital stats, compatibility advice, feeding requirements and more... Species Guide is the essential guide to finding out more about your fish, what fish to buy, what fish are compatible with what species, feeding requirements and all the common questions you would ask at an aquatic store when you buy your fish. Now in full colour, this book explores common tropical fish profilesfeeding requirementsfish compatibility advicevital...

  • Tropical Freshwater Fish Aquariums

    Lulu Press, Inc. 2013. ISBN: 9781105919640,1105919641.

    Get Immediate Answers to All Your Freshwater Aquarium Problems •Basic Fish Anatomy - learn to distinguish between the different types by their body configuration. Planning Your Aquarium Furnishing your aquarium Then comes the fun stuff - how to select gravel, plants and other interior design elements and accessories. Water quality is very important - learn how to "keep it clean." Adding the fish - learn all about the most popular tropical freshwater fish - how many you should buy considering...

  • The Complete Encyclopedia of Tropical Fish

    2017. ISBN: 1931040060,9781931040068. 255 pages.

    This reference volume includes information on how to keep, feed, and care for your tropical fish.

fish aquarium discus tropical background nature blue colorful animal green water tank red underwater gravel symphysodon beauty stripe color plants round swim fin white wildlife beautiful decorative hobby sea exotic close up decorate deep dive diskus cichlid russianfederation
Discus - exotic aquarium fish close up
Photo by Ajithpoison on Flickr
family pink flowers blue red orange white fish flower tank purple stones stripes tip valley wellington tropical april marco steman discus stops mottled 2015 gialiat ccloseup whitemans
Photo by GIALIAT on Flickr
family pink flowers blue red orange white fish flower tank purple stones stripes tip valley wellington tropical april marco steman discus stops mottled 2015 gialiat ccloseup whitemans
Photo by GIALIAT on Flickr