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Acrylic tanks, algae scrubbers and Tilapia at inland Aquatics

Inland Aquatics shows how to make an acrylic tank, how Algae Turf scrubbers work, the infancy of a Tilapia farm - Aquaponics and its LOCK UP at Inland.

How to make an Acrylic Fish Tank DIY Aquarium Guide

Instructions how to make an Acrylic Fish Tank DIY Aquarium Step by Step.

Stiles and Acrylic Tank Manufacturing: TANKED Tech Tour

Wayde King and Brett Raymer of Las Vegas-based Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) and Animal Planet's reality TV series, "TANKED," visit Stiles Machinery at .

HOW TO: Build An Aquarium 1/6

com/uarujoey Welcome to the first part of the series: "How to build an Acrylic.

Glass VS Acrylic aquariums

com/uarujoey Glass VS Acrylic aquariums (DIY Pro TIPS.

Latest News

  • Cairns Aquarium exhibits mimic conditions in Mother Nature

    03/17/17 ,via The Cairns Post

    There appears to be much emphasis on immersion and interaction at the aquarium (while staying dry, of course): some of the exhibits have areas where visitors can crawl up inside tanks into an acrylic dome and be surrounded by fish; the restaurant

  • Water's Edge Aquarium Service celebrates 20th anniversary

    03/14/17 ,via Amherst Bee

    One design they created was actually built by Wayde King and Brett Raymer, co-owners of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, and stars of the Animal Planet show “Tanked.” “It was an interesting process, and it's nice having a few shows on TV that highlight our 

  • Twin tank

    03/03/17 ,via Business Observer

    “We were sitting there and thought, 'Man we just spent all this money' and we knew we could design a desktop jellyfish tank that was better,” says Blake. They jumped “We were able to develop this with premium acrylic and UL-certified electronics

  • Construction on Shreveport Aquarium continues

    03/07/17 ,via Shreveport Times

    Brick by brick, the Shreveport Aquarium - housed in the former home of the historic Barnwell Center downtown - is coming together.

  • Number of PAF aircraft to rise at 8

    03/19/17 ,via Manila Bulletin

    The aircraft can carry two pilots in tandem seating. The high-mounted canopy developed by Hankuk Fiber is applied with stretched acrylic, providing the pilots with good visibility, and has been tested to offer the canopy with ballistic protection


  • Freshwater Aquariums For Dummies

    John Wiley & Sons. 2011. ISBN: 1118050975,9781118050972. 360 pages.

    Covers the latest aquarium gadgets Design a dazzling underwater environment with this bestselling guide! Setting up your first freshwater aquarium can be a daunting task. This friendly guide answers all your questions, from setting up your tank and selecting fish to the water, chemicals, plants, and much more. There's also expanded guidance on combining different species of fish, maintaining a tank, cleaning gravel, and dealing with common problems such as algae. Discover how to * Choose the...

  • Marine Reef Aquarium Handbook

    Barron's Educational Series. 2007. ISBN: 0764136747,9780764136740. 200 pages.

    (back cover) The latest scientific discoveries and aquarium techniques for keeping and propagating living corals Plus information on keeping Sponges Echinoderms Mollusks Crustaceans Fishes and advice on eliminating diseases and parasites in a marine aquarium

  • Marine Ornamental Species Aquaculture

    John Wiley & Sons. 2017. ISBN: 9781119307013,1119307015. 712 pages.

    The global trade of aquatic organisms for home and public aquariums, along with associated equipment and accessories, has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Aquaculture of marine ornamental species, still in its infancy, is recognized as a viable alternative to wild collection as it can supplement or replace the supply of wild caught specimens and potentially help recover natural populations through restocking. This book collects into a single work the most up-to-date information...

  • Wiley Guide to Chemical Incompatibilities

    John Wiley & Sons. 2009. ISBN: 0470523301,9780470523308. 1136 pages.

    "This book should be a required reference on the laboratory's safety shelf as no where else is so much useful information available in a single volume." ?Inside Laboratory Management, on the Second Edition "...a portable reference on reactive substances to guide all personnel...in charge of the handling, storage, and transportation of chemical materials." ?Journal of the American Chemical Society, on the Second Edition The authoritative resource on dangerous chemical interactions now...

  • Aquariums Book of Facts

    Lulu Press, Inc. 2013. ISBN: 9781304573377,1304573370.

    An aquarium is made of glass or extremely strong plastic and is basically made for holding fish, amphibians or any other type of marine animal. These fish can be tropical or salt water, or even corals but the aquarium has to be able to maintain the weight of the water that will be put into the tank. Aquariums are fast becoming one of the leading hobbies around, many people use aquariums for decorative purposes.

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Dubai - Burj Al Arab - Helicopter View
Burj Al Arab (Arabic: برج العرب‎,Tower of the Arabs) is a luxury hotel located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It has been called "The world's only 7 star Hotel" and is the third tallest hotel in the world;...
Photo by Arch_Sam on Flickr
japan aquarium bravo okinawa kuroshio jonrawlinson kuroshiosea theradblog jonrawlinsoncom theradblogcom
Kuroshio Sea - 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world
The main tank called the "Kuroshio Sea" holds 7,500-cubic meters (1,981,290 gallons) of water and features the world's second largest acrylic glass panel, measuring 8.2 meters by 22.5 meters with a thickness...
Photo by jonrawlinson on Flickr
My fish tanks as of 01/22/2013 95 gallon custom acrylic.
Photo by 4funandthensum on Flickr