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Selecting The Equipment For Your First Fish Tank, The Ultimate Guide To Your First Aquarium Ep 3

When it comes to the equipment to run an aquarium the options are endless and it can be pretty overwhelming BUT my hope is that this video will simplify things .

Saltwater Aquarium - Essential Equipment

com/play/10715 This video will show how to set up a saltwater aquarium and talks about the.

How to set up a Freshwater Planted Tank: Series: Episode 1, Equipment and Planning

Hey folks, here is Episode 1 of my How To set up a planted tank going over what equipment I am going to use in this set up. Links to all the equipment I'm using.

Fish from Mauritius in an acrylic tank of Schuran Seawater Equipment

At the INTERZOO 2014 the German company Schuran Seawater Equipmen exhibits a new aquaria idea of acrylic glass.

What fish tank equipment do you need: what can YOU NOT live without?


Latest News

  • Rosebud Primary School trashing: Fish killed, equipment stolen

    03/13/17 ,via Herald Sun

    Staff at Rosebud Primary were horrified to find the fish tank broken. Picture: Supplied Rosebud Primary School has been vandalised. Picture: Supplied Staff at Rosebud Primary were horrified to find the before and after school care room was vandalised.

  • Agriculture department to receive P5-M solar-powered irrigation equipment

    03/14/17 ,via Sun.Star

    Aside from the newest irrigation system, DA will also introduce solar-powered fish tank. Sta. Elena said the fish tank is composed of two tanks, where one tank will be used for growing Kangkong while the other tank will be used for growing Tilapia.

  • Jo Ann Jaacks: A fish tale

    03/16/17 ,via Litchfield County Times

    The little guy darted this way and that in the tank, obviously thrilled to be the only small fish in a big pond. I dropped in occasionally to be I checked the equipment: the motor was still softly purring and bubbles were ascending. I rushed down

  • Aquarium Therapy in College

    03/12/17 ,via Uloop News

    Try Aquarium Therapy! Not only are fish the easiest pet to get dorm room approved, they are also easy to take care for, offer great health benefits, and are beautiful to watch. National Marine Aquarium did a study in 2015 explaining the calming effects

  • The Aquarium Factory's compensation bid for smashed fish tank rejected

    02/28/17 ,via Herald Sun

    Matt Iliov's bid for compensation for a smashed fish tank has been rejected by the Level Crossing Removal Authority. Picture: Lawrence Pinder. He said he was now “highly considering” taking the authority to court in a bid to get compensation. He still


  • Building Your First Koi Fish Tank

    BookBaby. 2014. ISBN: 9781300522454,1300522453. 79 pages.

    Really like to set up a Koi Fish pond or tank for your leisure viewing? Want to escape from daily stress and pressure with your new Koi Fish Hobby? This Koi Fish eBook is for you! Inside consist tons of researches, tests, experiments and data collection to guide you through setting up your first Koi Fish Tank! It can be really enjoying to sit and feed your fishes, provided you do the right thing. Download this ebook and bring it everywhere you go! Get it now!

  • Low-cost Fish Retailing Equipment and Facilities in Large Urban Areas of Southeast Asia

    Food & Agriculture Org.. 2017. ISBN: 9251046530,9789251046531. 142 pages.

    This paper describes the marketing of fresh and live fish, and gives examples of low-cost retailing equipment and facilities used in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Manila and Singapore (City). It examines the status, problems and needs of workers in the fish retail trade, especially street vendors. Recommendations are put forward to promote the street fish-vending sector and improve fish retail marketing. More research is needed in this field.

  • Fish Watching with Eugenie Clark

    Millbrook Press. 2017. ISBN: 1575053845,9781575053844. 48 pages.

    Describes the life and career of ichthyologist Eugenie Clark, who began her research observing fresh-water acquarium fishes and moved on to the underwater study of sharks and other marine animals. Includes observation tips and and related activities.

  • The Aquarium Fish Survival Manual

    Barron's Educational Series. 1995. ISBN: 0812093917,9780812093919. 176 pages.

    How to set up and maintain aquariums, and meet needs of the fish. Has colorful photographs of over 300 freshwater and marine fish plus aquatic plants. The one comprehensive reference every aquarium owner should have.

  • Introduction to Freshwater Fish Keeping

    Lulu.com. ISBN: 9781445779935,1445779935.

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Biologists, crane operators & riggers return sturgeon sheltering in Washington Shore fish ladder entrance to river
Bonneville Dam dewaters some of its fishways each winter for maintenance and repairs. The level to which the fishway is dewatered depends on the work to be done; if equipment below the tailwater level needs repair,...
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fish river lock dam columbia bonneville sturgeon usarmycorpsofengineers portlanddistrict
Bonneville Dam sturgeon removal_IMG_3035
Bonneville Dam dewaters some of its fishways each winter for maintenance and repairs. The level to which the fishway is dewatered depends on the work to be done; if equipment below the tailwater level needs repair,...
Photo by PortlandCorps on Flickr