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DIY: How to make HO- T5 aquarium lighting for cheap


Cheapest aquarium T5 lights ever?

Normally I am all about buying the highest quality equipment possible, but I've also learned over the years that some things are just plain expensive with no real .

The Benefits of Using T5/LED Hybrid Lighting for Your Reef Tank

us/1pBORGH A hybrid of T5 and LED lighting is considered by many hobbyists to be the ultimate reef aquarium lighting solution because you get.

DIY T5 Aquarium Light

total cost was $80. 00 for the fixture.

Difference between T8 and T5 Aquarium Lighting Explained

Difference between T8 and T5 Aquarium Lighting Explained T8 Fluorescent Tube T8 fluorescent tube lights are the standard lighting units which come with .

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new pet fish swimming swim aquarium big eyes goldfish no name scales calico yet moor fins mg1466
NEW FISH!!! #1
I finally got new fish today after that almost 5 month hiatus of no fish. I spent the last week trying to disinfect the tank of that fungus that killed all my fish last time, I hope it doesn't creep up ever again!...
Photo by Benson Kua on Flickr
morning red 2 sky bw panorama white 3 toronto canada black building tower skyline night scrapers skyscraper cn photoshop canon buildings dark walking wonder 1 photo high key moody phone post stadium walk 5 space low 4 elevator ripleys skylines overcast panoramic structure ripley lg seven tall rogers process phones wonders nexus scraper aquariums tallest hugin aquarieum ripleu skystrapers
The CN Towers
I couldn't decide on which photo to post, so why not all three? Photo taken with Nexus 5 Wish I brought my DSLR
Photo by d_pham on Flickr
orange white fish macro water face swimming mouth aquarium eyes goldfish bokeh scales fins flippy redoranda mg2848
NEW FISH!!! #2
Introducing Flippy the Red Oranda, he likes to flip around a lot while swimming hence the name. (thanks to Kayvee for the name suggestion of Flipper and Sammy... I just combined those two to get Flippy haha) I...
Photo by Benson Kua on Flickr