Spotted Puffer

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How To Care For The Green Spotted Puffer

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Everything you need to know before getting a puffer fish // Green Spotted Puffer Fish Care

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Green Spotted Puffer vs. Red Clawed Crab

My 5 green spotted puffers.

Green spotted puffers eating pinky

feeding time.

The Giant Green Spotted Puffer



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fish catalina underwater pacific scuba diving panama puffer reef stacatalina santacatalina arothron whitespotted hispidus arothronhispidus
White-Spotted Puffer
Suspended above the reef at Pirámides III (Pyramids III) dive site, this puffer fish (Arothron hispidus) curiously turns toward the camera. Every dive site I visited featured a large population of this species. Day 2
Photo by laszlo-photo on Flickr
scuba diving pufferfish kugelfisch arothron hispidus
White-spotted Puffer
White-spotted puffer (Weißflecken-Kugelfisch, arothron hispidus) whirling up sand while swimming, photographed at Maheleg dive site, Egypt, July 2012. creative commons by DrTH80 (CC-BY-SA 2.0)
Photo by DrTH80 on Flickr
fish coral aquarium hawaii tank spot tropical honolulu puffer reef
Photo by nina.jsc on Flickr