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Solo Desktop Aquarium with Remote Controlled LED Lighting

Featuring amazing lighting effects and a clean modern design, the SOLO will.

Cheap lighting for small planted aquariums

This is a cheap way to light up a small planted aquarium.

DIY LED fish tank lights Fluorescent bulb to LED

Upgrade fluorescent t8 bulb 18" daytime colour to cool white 30 LED bar 20"

Led aquarium light design for a small tank

Led aquarium light with stand.


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A simple animal most people take for granted is this beautiful goldfish. Note that her fins resemble a veil. Very poor light and a constantly moving animal resulted in this rather soft picture. The goldfish (Carassius...
Photo by shankar s. on Flickr
50 gallons for free
Our new place in Middletown is smaller and we won’t have room for this huge tank. Some of the fish were pretty small when I got them, but have grown. The tank is fresh water. The fish are healthy. They haven’t...
Photo by MrVJTod on Flickr
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Fish Food
Clients pay to place their feet in a water tank that contains small fish that will feed on the excess body skin and effectively remove it gently. Singapore, SE Asia
Photo by emilio labrador on Flickr