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External aquarium filter for fresh water tanks - sera fil bioactive UV

Aquariums bring life to every living room and are at the same time provide very relaxing.

Sera Biotop Aquarium einrichten

de Sera Biotop Aquarium einrichten Ratgeber für die Einrichtung und Pflege eines sera biotop Aquariums.

Water conditioning with sera products

Constant water quality is very important to make your aquarium inhabitants feel well.

Aquarium Workshop Sera - Napoli Aquatica 2015

Napoli Aquatica 2015 - allestimento live acquario SERA a cura di Carmelo Aricò, Fabio Lo Russo e Giuseppe Nisi - L'acquario facile.

Unbonxing LED X Change SERA- Aquarium Centrofama

En este vídeo os mostramos las posibilidades del nuevo sistema de iluminación LED de SERA.


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