Seagarden Aquarium Plants

red sea garden eel

red sea garden eel Charaumi Aquarium Okinawa Japan.

*NEW* -- Salt Water TANK!

This is an Instant Ocean Saltwater Aquarium Kit by Eclipse Systems (12 Gallon) that is powered by its BIOWheel Filtration System.

Freshwater Aquarium Fish Tank (Saltwater/Marine Theme Style)

Welcome to my channel here on Youtube, This is our Freshwater 55 gallon aquarium with a Saltwater theme.

Fishy business at KL's Pudu market

Finding Nemo At KL"s Pudu Market One of the most impressive and largest selection of pet fish can be found at KL's Pudu market.


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  • Ecology of the Planted Aquarium

    Echinodorus Pub. 2013. ISBN: 0967377366,9780967377360. 194 pages.

    Reference book on inexpensive and low-maintenance aquarium keeping. Book offers an in-depth analysis of the role of plants in freshwater aquarium ecology. It shows how to promote vigorous plant growth so that the plants can purify the water, protect fish, and reduce tank maintenance. All information is backed up by scientific references from aquatic botany, limnology, and aquatic chemistry.

  • Self Mastery 2013. ISBN: 9781456609542,1456609548. 236 pages.

    Self Mastery is the most elusive of all human quests. A lifetime is never sufficient for most people. Learning to be the best that you can ever become demands the full faculties of the brain, the heart and the spirit. This search for the ultimate self begins with learning to think, using both rational, analytical and critical mind and the associative, creative, systemic and integrative mind. It then conjures that other way of knowing without knowing why you know. This is learning to intuit....