Seaclear Acrylic Aquariums

Dec 11, 10:22 PST

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How to set up a Seaclear system 2 aquarium

We didn't get much good information with the aquarium as far as how to set it up. and we didn't find much help online either so we made a video about how to.

SeaClear Acrylic 40 gallon Aquarium - fishless nitrogen cycling

com/fishless-cycle-nitrogen-cycle Fishless cycle in my new aquarium Tank.

Acrylic aquarium seaclear custom modify part 4 fin

Here is a last and completed look to my modification to my seaclear 30g, I have cut the lid out to incorporate egg crate.

Great way to clean acrylic aquariums

I know this is not a very exciting video, but I still wanted to share this little tip with you all just in case someone out there did not know about this and now could .

Acrylic aquarium seaclear custom modify part 1

A look at the infamous searclear lid or top and a general idea to modify the tank to incorporate egg crate for better gas exchange for better ph balance and .


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    John Wiley & Sons. 2011. ISBN: 9781118051023,1118051025. 360 pages.

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aquarium acrylic seaclear 240gallons
Polished front pane
Most of the scratches and haze sanded, buffed and polished from the front pane. The aquarium is now ready for water testing. I didn't bother with side panes as it will be next to a wall and I intend to just grow...
Photo by Moto@Club4AG on Flickr
aquarium acrylic seaclear 240gallons
Stand stripped.
Tank stand stripped of plywood skin. It looks to be structurally sound so I'll take it apart, clean it and rebuild it.
Photo by Moto@Club4AG on Flickr