Reptile Aquarium

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Dave Spicer's Huge Indoor Reptile Habitat Aquarium from Universal Rocks


Dwight Howard's Slithering Slam Dunk Snake Tank

Wayde King and Brett Raymer reveal a South America themed tank for Dwight Howard's pet boa constrictors.

The Reptile/Aquarium House

Sorry the video is so long, I'm trying to make them short but good.

Rainforest Tank Setup with Reptiles/Fish - 90 GAL

- 1 Chinese Water Dragon - 1 White Lip Tree Frog - 1 Mountain Horned Dragon - 10 Tiger.

Custom DIY reptile enclosure ( Green basilisk )

Hey everyone, just wanted to share the reptile enclose i made for my green basilisk and all of it's features.


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  • The Everything Kids' Snakes, Lizards, and Other Scaly Creatures Book

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    Amazing facts and fun activities for kids who love reptiles! Get up close and personal with all types of cool reptiles in The Everything Kids' Snakes, Lizards, and Other Scaly Creatures Book! Explore the world of snakes, lizards, turtles, crocodilians, and other cold-blooded animals of all sizes with tons of puzzles, exciting reptile facts, and do-it-yourself activities. You'll learn all about how reptiles are born, how they hunt for food, and what it takes to escape--or fight--their enemies!...

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red aquarium turtles reptiles eared sliders
Photo by simply.jessi on Flickr
red aquarium turtles reptiles eared sliders
Photo by simply.jessi on Flickr
red aquarium turtles reptiles eared sliders
Photo by simply.jessi on Flickr