Porous Air Diffusers

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Comparing the OHR AERATOR with a typical Rubber porous air diffuser video.

Comparing the OHR AERATOR with a typical Rubber porous air diffuser video.


What is a Fabric Duct, and why use it. Fabric ducts are a cost effective, attractive, easy to install.

FIAP profiair PVC Luftausströmer - FIAP profiair PVC air diffuser

Die seit Jahren in gleichbleibender Qualität produzierten FIAP profiair PVC Luftausströmer werden zur Belüftung in Hälterungsbecken, Transportbehälter und .

How To Set up a Reed Diffuser and Tips on How to Use

You can find many brands of luxury reed diffusers, diffuser refill oil and replacement reeds at http://www.


  • Industrial Waste Treatment Process Engineering

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    Industrial Waste Treatment Process Engineering is a step-by-step implementation manual in three volumes, detailing the selection and design of industrial liquid and solid waste treatment systems. It consolidates all the process engineering principles required to evaluate a wide range of industrial facilities, starting with pollution prevention and source control and ending with end-of-pipe treatment technologies. Industrial Waste Treatment Process Engineering guides experienced engineers...

  • Environmental Pollution Control Microbiology

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    Compiling knowledge gained through more than 50 years of experience in environmental engineering technology, this book illustrates the application of fundamental concepts in microbiology to provide a sound basis for the design and operation of various biological systems used in solving environmental challenges in the air, water, and soil. Environmental Pollution Control Microbiology emphasizes the quantitative relationships of microbial growth and metabolism, beginning an examination of the...

  • Australian Fish Farmer

    Landlinks Press. 2017. ISBN: 0643068651,9780643068650. 444 pages.

    A practical guide for people in the aquaculture industry and for those about to enter it. It covers aquaculture industries and provides practical skills that should allow people to solve everyday problems in the day-to-day management of aquatic stock.

  • Acoustic Absorbers and Diffusers, Third Edition

    CRC Press. 2016. ISBN: 9781315352220,1315352222. 575 pages.

    This definitive guide covers the design and application of absorbers and diffusers in acoustics. Surface diffusion is a relatively young subject area, and diffuser design, application and characterisation are often not well understood. Although there is greater knowledge of absorption, it is also informed by new research. As two of the main design tools for altering the acoustic conditions of rooms, the correct use of absorbers and diffusers is important to the creation of quality acoustics....

  • Ozone in Water Treatment

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    With the advent of the Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1986, many water utilities are reexamining their water treatment practices. Upcoming new regulations on disinfection and on disinfection by-products, in particular, are the primary driving forces for the big interest in ozone. It appears that ozone, with its strong disinfection capabilities, and apparently lower levels of disinfection by-products (compared to other disinfectants), may be the oxidant/disinfectant of choice. Many...