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How to clean your Pond Filter sponge

Keeping your pond filter clean will not only ensure your pond is clean and clear but will help the pump work efficiently and effectively.

Unboxing freshwater filter foam upgrade

I had a hard time finding the right foam filters as the ones on most retailers are not the correct PPM needed to protect the.

Fish Tank Super Biochemical Sponge Filter (BOYU SF-100) Guide - All Pond Solutions

For those looking to add a little extra filtration to their tank, an Aquarium Fish Tank Biochemical Sponge Filter is the perfect solution.

Home made pond filter system

Decent sized pond filters can cost hundreds, here is my home made 3 section pond filter system.

How to replace foam in Pond Pressurized Filter (CPF)

ca/ The EZ-PRESS Series pressure filters are ideal for ponds and water gardens up to 4000 gallons.


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