Plastic Fish Tank

DOLLAR STORE FISH TANK - How to Make a Complete Betta Aquarium for Less Than $15

This is a DIY guide to setting up a cheap home suitable for a betta fish using common items from the dollar store etc.

Glass vs plastic aquarium fish tank

In this video I talk about a couple of differences between a glass and a plastic fish tank, mostly scratches.

Plastic Tote Turned Into a Fish Aquarium

In this video I show you how to make some simple adjustments to a plastic tote, so that it can become a temporary or permanent aquarium.

DIY Aquarium of plastic bottle

I need a small aquarium, suitable for breeding a couple of guppies and growing guppy fry.


  • Comparison of a New "U" Shaped Plastic Fish Tank System to the Traditional Concrete Raceway System

  • My Search

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  • Alzheimer's Activities

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  • Discus Fish

    Barron's Educational Series. 1991. ISBN: 0812046692,9780812046694. 80 pages.

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  • The Fish Tank

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    This story is about a young girl who loses her best friend, her grandfather, and seeks her mothers comfort and advice on how to make the hurt go away. Her mother tells her a story about a fish tank to help Elizabeth see that even though we can no longer see or visit with our loved ones that have passed, they are with God. This is a wonderful story for any child who has lost a loved one, and for every parent that has ever held a grieving child and struggled for a way to comfort them.

50 gallons for free
Our new place in Middletown is smaller and we won’t have room for this huge tank. Some of the fish were pretty small when I got them, but have grown. The tank is fresh water. The fish are healthy. They haven’t...
Photo by MrVJTod on Flickr
plants fish glass toys neon tank air plastic bubbler
Photo by Zeusandhera on Flickr
plants fish glass toys neon tank air plastic bubbler
Photo by Zeusandhera on Flickr