Pets Fish

My Pet-sitter killed my Betta Fish

While I was gone for the week as I went camping in the Michigan UP I had my moms friend come in to check up on my pets and to feed them and care for them.

First Pet Fish! Pet Hamster Cleaning Cage Kids Pets! Family Fun Event Kids Video Ryan ToysReview

First Pet Fish with Ryan ToysReview and Pet Hamster Cleaning Cage.

HobbyFish + SpongeBob in NEW TANK! Bikini Bottom Fish Tank by HobbyKidsTV

HobbyMom + HobbyDad put goldfish HobbyFish and HobbyBubbles in a new SPONGEBOB fish tank .

My First Pet - Jedi's 9th Birthday Party Cake, Candles, & Pet Fish

Our first pet ever is a fish and Quasar was gifted to Jedi on his 9th birthday.


Johnny got 3 fish fro the kids for his birthday and one of them didn't make it. We went back to the pet store to possibly get a new one and found ourselves in love.


  • My Pet Fish

    Lerner Publications. 1998. ISBN: 0822522624,9780822522621. 64 pages.

    The All About Pets books are much more than pet-care handbooks. This series of photo essays explores relationships between children and their pets. With first-person narrative and full-color photographs on every page, each book tells the story of a child and his or her pet from the child's point of view Sidebars take readers deeper into the specifics of pet care.

  • The Wild Side of Pet Fish

    Heinemann-Raintree Library. 2017. ISBN: 1410910202,9781410910202. 32 pages.

    Explores the similarities between pet fish and their wild ancestors, discussing behavior, habitats, anatomy, movement, and food.

  • The right way to keep pet fish

    1973. ISBN: 0517128810,9780517128817. 127 pages.
  • NO PETS (unless fish)

    Lester Derby.
  • Tropical Fish

    Ibooks. 2003. ISBN: 0743445430,9780743445436. 64 pages.

    The Most Affordable, Well-Written Trade Pet Books on the Market! ABOUT PETS SERIES: TROPICAL FISH Each book in the series contains information such as: buying the pet; traveling with the pet; nutrition; feeding; raising the pet; reproduction and breeding; activities with your pet; and website directory. Trusted authors who know the pets well have written each title. Regardless of price, these books can be given as gifts. • All volumes in the series feature full-color original photographs and...

zoo kat chat cincinnati gato katze gatto fishingcat
Fishing Cat
Photo by kellinahandbasket on Flickr
fish animal closeup aquarium profile predator barracuda mystic
Barracuda Closeup Profile
Photo by Eric Kilby on Flickr
pet fish smile vet
Happy Fish
Photo by duck vs. chicken on Flickr