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125 gallon marineland reef aquarium complete : rotter tube reef

upgraded from 75 gallon reef tank to 125 reef tank and couldn't be happier.


It took 2 days to remove a 200 gallon tank and replace it with a 300 gallon perfecto starphire aquarium.

125 Gallon Aquarium - Built from beginning to completion

This is every step of the process of building a 125 gallon aquarium stand and sump and setting it all up in your house.

Coral Reef Fish Aquarium 75 Gallon HD Saltwater Tank

Took down my nano cubes and my 65 gallon tank and set up this beauty in my living room for all of my.

DIY Sliding Glass Canopy


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pets fish aquarium
Our New Fish Tank
We now have a 20 gallon, glass aquarium with seven mollies frolicking among the (artificial) vegetation. Mollies like a lot of room and, although technically freshwater fish, they prefer a little bit of salt in...
Photo by dlkinney on Flickr