Lava Rock

Aug 15, 16:50 PDT

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Preparing Lava Rock for your Aquarium

How to prepare lava rock for your aquarium use by washing it.

Melting Lava Rock Into Lava / Obsidian

Melting lava rock into lava and obsidian came easy for our oxyhydrogen (HHO) water torch.

What you can learn from a quick step on hot lava.

Do not try this.

How to Landscape With Lava Rock : Landscaping Basics

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Lava rocks
Lava rocks
Photo by ewen and donabel on Flickr
beach rock point island hawaii lava hole oahu rocky blow hi honolulu hnl pointed halona halonabeach konomark
Sharp-edged Lava Rock Point
Halona Beach, Outside Honolulu, Hawaii'i
Lava rocks
There's a whole island of them... Hof, Suðurland
Photo by peacefulsand on Flickr