Fish Tank Water Heater

How To Install A Aquarium Heater Plus Regulate It

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Choosing a Fish Tank : Choosing a Fish Tank Heater

Choosing the right fish tank heater is as important as choosing the right filter.

Aquarium Heater Introduction

A quality aquarium water heater is necessary if you intend to maintain a successful tropical freshwater, marine fish or reef system.

How to put a Heater & Filter in a tank

When I come down to it bigger is alway better, meaning bigger tank, heater and Filter and happier fishes.

Fish Tanks & Aquarium Maintenance : How to Set Up a Fish Tank Heater

When setting up an in-tank heater for an aquarium, make sure to let the heater sit for a half-hour before turning it on. Discover which fish need a heater in their.

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Our New Fish Tank
We now have a 20 gallon, glass aquarium with seven mollies frolicking among the (artificial) vegetation. Mollies like a lot of room and, although technically freshwater fish, they prefer a little bit of salt in...
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50 gallons for free
Our new place in Middletown is smaller and we won’t have room for this huge tank. Some of the fish were pretty small when I got them, but have grown. The tank is fresh water. The fish are healthy. They haven’t...
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