Feeding Betta Fish

Jul 20, 08:14 PDT

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Tips for Feeding Betta Fish

This video has tips for feeding Betta fish in the proper manner.

Feeding My Betta Fish

What to feed a Betta Fish.

Feeding My Betta Fish, Louie

I use Aqueon betta Food and I feed 4 of the little pieces every morning and every night.

Betta Food 101 | What I Feed and Why

Today I go over the basics of feeding your betta.

Collab- how to properly feed your betta fish!

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097 - Pimp My Fish Tank
April 7, 2010--Corona, my beautiful orange Betta, has been suffering from a variety of ailments from neurotic tail-biting to the subsequent intractable fin rot to an internal bacterial infection (likely an effect of...
Photo by LaMenta3 on Flickr
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Our Pleco coming out to feed.
Our small pleco in our small tropical tank coming out to feed. He's a bit shy, so I really tried to get a good image of him. One of our female fighting fish seems a little interested in him in this picture.
Photo by JohnstonDJ on Flickr