Fairy Wrasse

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Fairy Wrasse Collection

This 240 gallon reef tank houses 4 Lineatus,1 Labouti, 1 pair Australian Scotts, 3 Solarensis, 1 Exquisite, 1 pair Hawiian Flame, 1 Chevron Tang, 1 Fox face, .

Fairy wrasses collection 2014

via YouTube Capture.

Cool Pets! Fairy Wrasses

Fairy Wrasses.

Lubbock's Fairy Wrasse

New fairy wrasse is a little shy on his first day home, but came out when I fed the tank mysis shrimp.

Scott's fairy wrasse and lineatus wrasse

A lot of wrasses a lot of coral.

smithsoniannaturalhistorymuseum fishspeciesgroup taxonomy:binomial=cirrhilabruscyanopleurafish
Bluehead Fairy Wrasse – Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura
Photo by brian.gratwicke on Flickr